My Approach to Custom Freehand Tattooing:

My specialty, perhaps my forte is Freehand Custom Tattooing. Let me explain to you what “freehand” really means, as far as tattooing goes anyway. I DO NOT just pick up my tattoo machine and start tattooing! (I don’t know of any artist that just “goes for it” there has to be something there before you go to work, whether it’s a painting or a tattoo!) I DO draw on you with an ink pen (I use several depending on what we’re doing). Sometimes I will also use stencils of designs I have pre-drawn for you, Then, and only when we are BOTH happy with what I’ve drawn will we start the tattoo! Here’s some of the highlights of my process:

Obviously you’ve already called and made an appointment with me (or one of our counterpersons). When you arrive for your appointment we’ll discuss the tattoo. Placement, size, subject matter, etc. I might show you some examples, drawings, work I’ve done in the past, just to get a direction of where we want to go with your design, style, etc.

When I’ve got you in the chair and comfortable, the real fun begins! We’ll talk some more about your tattoo, what it means to you, where your idea came from, etc. Basically you’re going to let crawl around in your head while I draw your tattoo on!

Once all is agreed upon And after we’re both happy with what I’ve drawn we’ll start your tattoo. I’ll go ahead and prepare your needle set up, pigments, etc.

First I’ll do the outline, then, depending on how long it took me to draw your tattoo (most of the time it takes me longer to draw the tattoo than it does to do the outline. It’s not uncommon for us to sit and draw for an hour or two before I even start your tattoo) I’ll do the shading and then color, if any.


Why Freehand ?

I think this is the best way to get a tattoo! Every client I’ve ever tattooed this way feels that it brings about a sense of the spirituality and the magic that tattooing is really all about. Think of me as a conduit between you and the powers that be (God, Jesus, Buddha, whatever). When you come right down to it, I’m simply the middle man between you and your soul!

What About Design? Here Are Your Options:

When you hire me to design and apply your tattoo, whether it’s a portrait (this is a must do with portraits), a black & grey, traditional, tribal, new skool kolorbomb or a Japanese styled piece, my process is basically the same. Here are the highlights:

We schedule a time to meet to discuss all the details. We agree on the time of your appointment(s) and a deposit is taken. I ask for a $50.00 non-refundable deposit from first time clients. The depost is applied to the cost of your tattoo. This also let’s me know that you’re serious and not wasting my time.

You provide me with the background materials on the project. These can include reference materials such as: Pictures (a 5x7 is minimal for any portraiture work), drawings, doodles on bar napkins, etc. basically anything that can help you better explain to me what it is you want to do

I study the material extensively, clarifying my understanding of the beliefs, interests and desires that you’re trying to relay to the viewer(s), the specific format and components; and any other must-know information.

If necessary — and it usually is — I interview you, simply to get to know you. All of my past customers that I have done custom work for will tell you that to get my very best work it’s absolutely necessary that you let me crawl around in your head for a while!

If I have design suggestions – and I usually do – You and I will go over these before we start your tattoo. I can send these to you as detailed notes and annotated rough pencil sketches in an email or you can stop by E O D Tattoo a day or two before your appointment(s).

If we need to do any revisions to the designs I complete these promptly and at no additional charge. This is provided that such requests are assigned within 48 hours of your appointment and are not based on a major change.