From Then To Now!


I actually began tattooing while attending art school at the Colorado Art Institute. Shortly after graduating I opened my first tattoo studio in Lafayette, Colorado. Nine months later I was lured to the big city (well, big by my experience) of Denver by Paul and Sugarbear of the...(Not allowed to use the name), Denver’s highest rated tattoo studio!


Being a self-taught tattooer, this gave me the opportunity to learn from, possibly the two best tattoo artists in the state, Paul and Sugarbear. And learn I did! I stayed at the shop until midnight everyday for the first three years I worked at the...(Not allowed to use that name). I’d watch Bear and ask questions, when my curiosity got the better of me.


Bear always said of me that first year: “Frank, you wouldn’t say shit if you had a mouthful.” He was right of course. I was so painfully shy, it’s amazing I ever sold any tattoos that first year!


I worked at the...(Not allowed to use that name) for eight fantastic years! Then for some crazy ass reason I thought I had to continue on with my commercial art career, as a graphic artist for the phone company no less! As soon as the phone book project I was working on was done so was my job and I knew I had made a big mistake.


I tried to go back home to my beloved (Not allowed to use that name), but my position had been filled and I had to go to work for someone else. Luckily I found a job with a couple of really great guys in Colorado Springs, Snake and “Uncle” Bud Yates. They owned Snake’s Tattoo Company.

But, the drive from Denver to Colorado Springs took it’s toll on me and I quit and went to work for Mickie Kott back in Denver. Anyway, long story short (and besides if I tell you what happened next, you won‘t buy my book), four very long years later I finally got my job back at the...(Not allowed to use that name).

I was back, but not for long. I still worked for Paul and Bear but i transfered to our sister shop out on West Colfax Ave. Wiz.....(Oh, probably not allowed to use that name either). I worked there until 1999. and then...


In 2000, my mom got really sick, so I took a leave of absence to take care of her. My mom died in 2004, on her birthday nonetheless, and as luck would have it there were no positions at the...(Not allowed to use that name). So I waited, and waited and then…

I waited a little longer. In July of this year, 2007, (Can't use his name apparently either) told me I could have my job back. So, here I am. Rested, clean of all illegal drugs, sober and ready to tattoo again! So give me a call and let’s get to work. I have a lot of new ideas, techniques and a newly remodeled tattoo studio to work in!

This was 7-8 years ago when I wrote this. Since then a lot of things have happened and a lot of things have changed. I no longer work for the people who owned the shop that I am not allowed to use the name of. I now work at the same location....NOT THE SAME SHOP...

I work at E O D Tattoo. it's in the same location as...the shop I'm not allowed to use the name of...But, it's not the same shop. It's at 2024 E. Colfax Ave. between Race St. and Vine St. the exact same location as...the shop I'm not allowed to use the name of, but it's a totally different shop. It has a GREAT new look and a GREAT new vibe. All new artists, REALLY good artists and a GREAT new owner. And it's definitely NOT that shop I'm not allowed to use the name of! But we're still in the same location of the shop I'm not allowed to use the name of.